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Have You Been Dreaming of Starting Your own Scrubs Business?

Great news Nurses! Are you ready to become your own How would you like to go from wearing scrubs to running a Scrubs Business?

The Ultimate Scrubs Business Planning Guide

This ultimate D.I.Y. guide contains the initial steps you need to begin your research into a fast growing industry. Think of this guide as your key to getting started on your medical apparel business. 


Scrub Shop Academy

Are you a nurse or have a background in healthcare? Do you desire to launch your own business selling scrubs? Scrub Shop Academy is the only online course and group coaching program that caters to nurses entrepreneurs.



90 Minute Scrubs Strategy Session

If you are current scrubs business owner who has still been spinning your wheels and you need help with a strategy to grow your business to the next level. This strategy session is for you! 


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Meet Ruchama

When I came to Tina, I needed help navigating the scrub business. I was able to collect bits and pieces of information here and there online, but it was not everything that I was looking for.

After watching all of Tina's YouTube videos, purchasing the Ultimate Scrubs business planning guide, and watching previous live videos from Black Nurse Entrepreneurs on Facebook, I decided to invest in my business to get the ball rolling.

I am so happy that I made this decision because I was able to launch my business sooner than I thought I could. She has given many resources like creating a FB group with other scrub business owners and making herself available to answer many questions. If I hadn't purchased the Scrub shop Academy, I would still be looking for information. Thank you Tina for creating Scrub Shop Academy. You are such a blessing in disguise.

-Ruchama JB. @laviescrubs

Meet Anshanette

I signed up for the scrub shop academy in March 2020, and all I can say is it has been the best business decision I made! If you are on the fence I am here to tell you that you won’t regret signing up for the scrub shop academy! I trusted Tina to lead and teach me all I needed to know to start a scrub business. I was going to try another lady but grateful that I choose Tina. She is very patient, knowledgeable and my experience with her has been very rewarding.

Tina has helped me avoid mistakes that I clearly would have made without the scrub shop academy. The scrub shop academy teaches you “ALL” you need to know to start the scrub business, and an added perk is you can watch it over and over again! I have met ppl through scrub shop academy and during group coaching everyone shares their experience and learn from one another. It’s a very positive environment and everyone cheers for each other! Three months after taking the class I have accounts with many different manufacturers and have started selling my scrubs, and I just got a contract with a school. When everyone asks me how did I do it so fast, I just say my coach is a savage I got this from “TINA”.

-Anshanette @Taylormadescrubs

Meet Lakeita

I am Lakita Allen from Chester Virginia. I've been in the healthcare industry for over 15 years in many titles. I have an undergrad in Business and will be an MBA graduate at the end of 2021. I worked part-time as a Licensed Practical Nurse for the last 3 years and this is how scrubs became on my bucket list of items to eventually sell one day! My journey as a Uniform retailer started 2 years ago when I was trying to find my niche in the world of e-commerce. I started doing very little research and bought a wholesale case of scrubs and a website with the goal of seeing how fast I could make a profit. I had no idea how complex this industry would be. I realized very quickly I needed to obtain a lot more knowledge in order to turn this side hustle into the business I had envision, with more google and social media research I started following Tina Payne RN, MSN CEO of Scrub Shop Academy, after a few months of watching and listening I decided to invest in her course. I am so glad I did! I knew the process and some of the legal background pieces required to start my business from my prior experiences but the scrub industry itself required many other key elements to be able to become successful in the industry.

Tina's course did not only seal the deal and put my insecurities at ease, but I also learned so much more including how to cut the middleman and go directly to the source. The course also included real-life experiences that she herself had to maneuver through in the industry. The major plus was being able to reach out to her at any time for advice or seeking clarification on anything. Completing the course really helped me connect my dots in so many ways. As of July 2021, I’ve opened 3 uniforms stores in 2 years. I am so grateful! If you are thinking about starting your own uniform business, then Scrub Shop Academy should be one of the first steps to take. I have no regrets!

-LaKeita  @lrzlegacyscrubs

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Sixteen years as a nurse at the bedside of America listen, as Scrub Shop Academy Founder and CEO Tina Payne, MSN, RN shares her hunger for more as an essential worker turned Black Owned Business amidst our countries global pandemic.


"Tina Payne is a wealth of knowledge. Let me say that again… Tina Payne is a wealth of knowledge. She literally breaks everything down for you and teaches her students the fundamentals of owning a scrubs business. The course is amazing. The course website and layout is very user friendly. I loved that I could log into the course anytime, day or night, and watch or listen to the module lessons. I will be officially launching my scrubs business this summer. I highly recommend Tina Payne and the Scrub Shop Academy… This is the real deal.”"

Wachovia V.
Owner of Curvy Nurse Connection

Scrub Shop Academy Alumni

Here we highlight some of our Scrub Shop Academy Students who have completed our course.


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